Pet of the Week: Himalayan cat Emma wants to curl up with you

Emma is a stunning Himalayan cat with a fluffy cream coat and sparkling blue eyes. Her previous owner had too many pets to care for and unfortunately they had to give up this beautiful cat to the Arizona Humane Society.

She has a benevolent attitude with an affectionate disposition and is fond of curling up next to you and soaking up attention. She will dazzle you with her charm and has proven herself to be a faithful friend. 

Toy mice and feather wands no longer interest this mellow and easygoing 7-year-old and she would rather spend her time snuggled up on a fluffy blanket catching up on her beauty sleep.

She loves warm places and spends most of her time warming her fun with the sunshine that slips through the window.

Her heart has longed for a forever family for weeks now and she doesn't ask for much… just unconditional love and devoted friendship.

Emma is available NOW at the Sunnyslope adoption center located at 9226 N 13th Avenue in Phoenix. As part of AHS' Caturday special, feline fanciers can pay an adoption fee based on the date on the calendar until December 31st.  For more information call 602-997-7585 x 2045 and ask for animal ID number A421479 .

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