Pet of the Week- Basenji at Arizona Humane Society looking for playful owner

Perky and spirited, Angel is the perfect companion for someone who enjoys an inquisitive busy body.

Open the back door and Angel will snatch her favorite toy and dash out into the yard. 

The lively 1-year-old Basenji will frolic, bounce and scurry at your feet, yodeling with excitement as she anticipates a few rounds of fetch.

Quick and light on her paws, Angel  is a fetching fanatic but she plays by her own rules and will bring the toy back when she's ready- she likes to sniff around the yard before returning to your side.

She lives to run and play and without daily walks and vigorous exercise she may resort to rummaging through your sock drawer or digging through the laundry hamper.

Depending on her mood, she will follow basic commands but her new owner will need to work with her so she becomes more consistent.

She is an outgoing and friendly girl who loves dogs, cats and kids of all ages. Her adoption fee is only $110 and includes her spay surgery and vaccines. For more information call 602-997-7585 x 2045 and ask for animal ID number A408968

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