Loveable Kino looking for a family to play with

PHOENIX - When you first meet Kino the smart Labrador happily extends his big cream colored paw and "shakes" hands with you.

But before you know it, this gregarious two-year-old is affectionately leaning his 68-pound body against yours and literally melts to the floor hoping for a belly rub. He is such a HAM!

Intelligent and well-trained, he will also perform sit, stay, down and come in exchange for a duck or sweet potato treat, but he's not picky and will munch on milk bones or even table scraps if offered. 

Belonging to an active breed, Kino will need a fast-paced stroll around the neighborhood morning and night as well as a spacious yard to romp and play in. Afterwards, when his energy is spent, he likes to curl up on a cozy dog bed.

Kino is the family type and would do well in a home where he can be the center of attention and be included in all the family activities.

Kino is available NOW at the Campus for Compassion located at 1521 West Dobbins Rd in Phoenix. His adoption fee is $110 and includes his neuter surgery and vaccines. For more information call 602-997-7585 x 1045 and ask for animal ID number A426014 .

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