Donations sought for 'Hannah' after dog rescued from side of road

Panacea Animal Shelter is accepting treatment donations for Hannah, a medium-sized dog rescued from the side of the road with a fractured pelvic bone and a displaced hip.

"She is the sweetest dog; you can tell that she is just looking to be loved," said Kim Kelly, who rescued the dog.

Hannah, as the dog was named, wore no collar and didn't have an implanted microchip when she was found by the Gilbert resident who was returning to town from a training session in Scottsdale.

"She appeared badly injured," said Kelly, who works as a crime prevention specialist for the Gilbert Police Department. "It's not unusual for a dog to bite out of fear or pain."

Kelly had stopped by the side of the road when she noticed the injured animal.

"I approached and she took a couple of steps forward and then fell into a sitting position," Kelly said.

Hannah was sitting in a hill of biting fire ants, she said.

"I took a step forward and let her take a sniff," she said.

With the help of a motorcyclist who stopped to help, Kelly was able to lift the dog into the backseat.

"She never even once whined or tried to bite," Kelly said.

With blankets from the back of her vehicle, she settled Hannah into the backseat and drove her to a veterinarian.

The vet said she was going to need major surgery and broached the idea of putting her down, Kelly said.

Hannah was dehydrated, malnourished, had lacerations over her face and body, was badly bitten by the ants and had poor vision caused by lack of proper eye care.

Kelly, an avid dog lover and self-admitted "foster failure," contacted the VCA Apache Junction Animal Hospital, which decided to treated Hannah.

"They started her on an IV and pain medication," Kelly said.

Hannah had a metal plate with seven screws put in during her surgery Thursday, and so far is recovering well, Kelly said.

"She's going to be a special needs dog," Kelly said, who believes that she might be part Shar Pei.

While it's too early to begin looking for a forever family for Hannah, she does need some help with her medical expenses. The cost for her care is expected to be about $5,000.

Donations toward Hannah's care can be made to Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary at . All donations are tax deductible. Please mention "Hannah" in the purpose box to designate donations to her care.

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