Wrigley, dog with bucket list, dies after becoming ill

PHOENIX - Wrigley, a terminally ill dog whose owner created a bucket list for him, died Tuesday after he became too sick to live comfortably, his owner says.

Jessica Alderman created Wrigley’s bucket list and a Facebook page for him in March after the five-year-old pit bull mix was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. She wanted his last few weeks to celebrate his life and enjoy his remaining time with the family.

Wrigley was taken to an emergency hospital Tuesday night, where the veterinarian found fluid around his heart, skin lesions and growths on his body, Alderman wrote on Facebook.

“We felt it was time to put his needs before ours and to let him go with this dignity and extraordinary soul intact,” Alderman wrote.

The end of his life wasn’t traumatic, and he was kissing the vets and technicians during his last moments, she says.

Alderman says Wednesday’s rain showers and rainbows were signs to her that Wrigley was still thinking about his family.

“What a sign to receive so soon,” she says. “Dogs always have a way of taking care of their humans when we need it most.”

Wrigley’s bucket list included attending his owner’s fundraising event, buying a new bow tie, riding in a fire truck and delivering a thank you card to a veterinarian. To see the full list, click here .

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