'Cholla' up for adoption after getting caught in cactus

FLORENCE, AZ - A puppy that was found covered in cactus needles will be available for adoption in Florence on Friday.

The brown and white boxer mix puppy, appropriately named "Cholla," was found by a man south of Maricopa.

Pinal County Animal Care and Control responded to the scene and an officer took the puppy to Maricopa Animal Hospital where a veterinarian sedated the dog and removed hundreds of embedded cactus needles.

Animal Control staff thinks the puppy was so hungry and thirsty that it tried to eat a cholla cactus.

"Cholla" is about four months old and will be ready for adoption at Pinal County Animal Care and Control on Friday morning at 10 a.m.

If more than one potential adopter is present, there will be a drawing or coin toss for the adoption.

His adoption fee is $140 and that includes recent neuter surgery.

Animal Care and Control is located at 1150 South Eleven Mile Corner Road in Casa Grande. Their phone number is 520-509-3555.

Officials say Cholla is a typical, active puppy that will need some training as he grows up and preferably a cactus-free yard to play in.

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