Be a pal and take Pogo into your home

PHOENIX - Watching Pogo bounce around the yard is both delightful and exhausting.

This unique colored Labrador mix is happy to play with ANYONE (dogs, cats or kids) and with a sideways look, a doggy smile, his booty high in the air and his front paws stretched out he encourages spectators to join in the fun by posing in a play bow position.

Toss a Frisbee or tennis ball upward and watch as the 1-year-old makes a mad dash across the yard in seconds flat and effortlessly catches the soaring toy mid-air. He is an agility star and a very athletic pooch.

He has an upbeat personality and a brisk outlook on life so daily walks each morning are a must and a spacious yard would be the perfect way for him to burn his energy each evening. Once his energy is spent, he is content to sprawl out by your feet and relax while chewing a rawhide.

He already knows how to be an obedient companion and he has mastered several advanced tricks and is also house trained via dog door.

Pogo is available NOW at the Sunnyslope Adoption Center located at 9226 North 13th Avenue in Phoenix. His adoption fee is $110 and includes his neuter surgery and vaccines.

For more information call 602-997-7585 x 2045 and ask for animal ID number A425029 .

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