AZ Humane Society hosts celebration in honor of Wrigley, the pit bull with a bucket list

PHOENIX - The Arizona Humane Society is celebrating the life of Wrigley, a pit bull with a bucket list who died from inoperable cancer earlier this month, with a memorial on Saturday.

Wrigley’s bucket list was created by his owner Jessica Alderman to let him enjoy the last weeks of his life. The list included dinner at a brewery, attending a wedding, taking family photos and becoming a media star.

Wrigley died only two weeks after getting the cancer diagnosis, but he was able to complete a lot of his bucket list items and gather a fan following on his Facebook page .

The “Celebration of Life for Wrigley” will be on Saturday, April 12, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Humane Society’s Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion in Phoenix.

According to the event’s Facebook page , more than 70 people (and 25 dogs) have said they’re attending the memorial.

The event will have food for the humans (but it’s all dog-friendly) and even ice cream sundaes for the pups.

Wrigley’s family doesn’t want any gifts, but they have asked that people bring donations for animals without homes, like dog and cat food, treats, toys and leashes. A list of needed items can be found on the Arizona Humane Society’s website here

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