Help the environment by buying green for back to school supplies

It's important for everyone to do their part when it comes to taking care of our environment. If everyone takes a few little steps it can make a big impact.

Tishin Donkersley, the Editor in Chief of Green Living Magazine, came on Smart Family to share with us some "green" back to school products.

Below are the back to School products we showed on Smart Family:

1. An expandable cooler (great for soccer games or carrying your lunch), bpa free.

2. Food kozy from kids konserve ~ wrap your sandwiches in these reusable wraps

3. Allerbling -allergy bracelet ~ if your child has an allergy, these cool bracelets can save a life and alert adults.

4. Clothes:
A. Lotty dotty t-shirt  
B. Perinnels ~ 2nd hand store for back to school wear, have kids model!
C. Recycled chain bracelet ~ resource revival

5. Eco-friendly school supplies from target:
A. 2-pack folders
B. 1-subject notebook (2 different designs)
C. Composition book (2 different designs)
D. 2-pack folders
E. Dry-erase board
F. Pencil box
G. Pencils
H. Mini wall calendar

6. Bamboo flash drive-staples

7. Backpacks from:

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