Deciding on a career? Work on a ranch!

If you've got to work, wouldn't almost any job be better if it's on a beautiful wooded ranch in northern Arizona?

For the folks at Hidden Meadow Ranch, every job has beautiful views, gourmet food and temperatures that we in the Valley are envious of.

Take, for instance, Bobby Kerr, one of the general managers at the ranch.

He's in charge of building houses on the property, handling recreational activities for the guests, and his favorite, the horses.

"It's neat to see a kid that likes horses, but never been on horses," says Kerr. "And get them comfortable enough that they can groom them and saddle them, and then to see them out on a trail ride and just see the smile on their faces, it's just great."

If you're a guest at Hidden Meadow Ranch, you can participate as much or as little as you like in any of the recreational activities, including canoeing, archery, horseback riding and more.

Here's a link to more information about the ranch.

Hidden Meadow Ranch
phone 928-333-1000
toll-free 866-333-4080
fax 928-333-1010

PO Box 300
620 County Rd 1325
Greer, AZ 85927

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