5 yummy burger recipes for your holiday cookout

It's Memorial Day this weekend and that means cookouts.

Whether you are just breaking out the grill for the first time or if you have already fired it up, try one of these five burger recipes for your get-together and have everyone looking forward to the next cookout.

Perfect BurgerThe Food Network's king of the grill, Bobby Flay, gives his recipe for what he calls the "perfect burger." This recipe keeps it simple by using 80 percent lean ground chuck and seasoning the beef with just salt and pepper. The key is the grilling and flipping at just the right time. Flay even gives instructions on when to put the cheese on in order to get just the right melt.

Slider-Style Mini Burgers – If the shindig you are attending this weekend isn't a traditional grill out, then try impressing everyone with these tasty sliders that can be eaten as an appetizer. Allrecipes.com features a four and a half star reviewed recipe that combines the hamburger meat with a pack of onion soup mix. You finish the slider off by baking them and adding sliced pickles.

Southwest Turkey Burgers – For those guests that don't eat red meat, the Food Network's Rachael Ray has a recipe for a southwest turkey burger that will tantalize those taste buds – even for the beef eater. And like most of her recipes, you can be serving these up in just under 30 minutes. The secret to these turkey burgers is the use of lots of fresh herbs.

Mushroom Burger – Most likely you'll have at least one person at the cookout that will be a vegetarian. Serve up these gourmet mushroom burgers, referred to as kufteh, from Food & Wine as an option.

Salmon Burgers – Take a different direction with the burgers you serve and put some salmon burgers on the menu. These super easy and simple burgers are a nice change from the traditional burger. A simple combination of fresh salmon, scallions, salt and pepper will pop with flavor in your mouth. Real Simple suggests topping the grilled salmon burger with pickled cucumbers and onions.


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