Supreme Court hears case on FCC ruling on Cher's acceptance speech

Are the FCC guidelines for what's appropriate on television unconstitutional?

Tuesday, the Supreme Court hears a case brought by Fox Network.

It all started with a 2002 award show in which Cher dropped an "F" bomb while making an acceptance speech.

The FCC cited Fox for indecency.

Lawyers for Fox are expected to argue that the FCC ruling amounts to discrimination based on content of Cher's speech.

Supporters of that position point out that the FCC issued no fines when a network broadcast the movie "Saving Private Ryan" complete all of its curse words but did fine a network that broadcast a documentary on jazz musicians where some of the musicians cursed.

"ABC15 Now!" wants to know what you think.

Is the FCC unfairly enforcing its standards?

Are the standards in place to strict to begin with?

Or, maybe you think they're too lax?

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