Lindsay Lohan to fill in for Chelsea Handler on late-night show

Lindsay Lohan once said that a film set is one of the safest places she can be, and it looks like that applies to late night talk shows, too.

The 27-year-old actress has lined up a temp job on E! following her latest stay in rehab. (TMZ reports that the star is officially free to go on Wednesday.)

Next Monday, August 5, Lohan will fill in for Chelsea Handler on "Chelsea Lately" as the night's guest host. She'll take over all of Handler's typical duties, including leading the roundtable chat and interviewing the night's celebrity guest.

The actress has been technically off the grid while serving her 90-day stint, but that hasn't slowed her down. In addition to her guest hosting gig, Lohan has lined up an interview and an eight-episode docu-series on Oprah Winfrey's OWN, the first of which will air in August.

On top of that, her movie "The Canyons" with the porn-star-next-door, James Deen, will debut in select theaters and as video on demand August 2.

Critics have shredded the project, which was written by Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Paul Schrader. IndieWire gave it a D+, warning that "the best moment of 'The Canyons' arrives before any of its actors show up."

The Hollywood Reporter called it a "non-entertaining, pseudo-arty" film that's "far from the renegade, boundary-pushing, sexually explicit sensation that its makers have been suggesting." Instead, "The Canyons" "is a lame, one-dimensional and ultimately dreary look at peripheral Hollywood types not worth anyone's time either onscreen or in real life."

Even with such biting reviews, the New York Daily News acknowledges that the urge to watch "The Canyons" is still a strong one, fueled primarily by a desire to see what Lohan will do. And yet, while she does prove "watchable" as a struggling former actress involved with a dangerous small-time film producer, in the end "there is only boredom."

Yet one critic out there didn't think it was so bad. Variety's Scott Foundas found Lohan's presence in the film to be "fascinating," providing "one of those performances, like Marlon Brando's in 'Last Tango in Paris,' that comes across as some uncanny conflagration of drama and autobiography."

"Wow," Lohan tweeted in response to Foundas' critique. "Humbled and feeling so much gratitude."

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