Jessica Simpson cover-up? Is her pregnant, naked photo not fit for the newsstand?

An Arizona grocery store finds itself in the middle of a nationwide controversy Thursday.

It all has to do with that "Elle" magazine cover featuring a very pregnant, and very naked Jessica Simpson.

We talked about it on "Now" a few weeks ago.

Now a store down in Tucson has been featured on an article on because they've covered the front of the magazine with cardboard and note asking shoppers not to remove it.

If you've seen the cover you know Simpson's breasts are covered by her strategically placed hands.

Nothing private is showing, but her round belly is there for all to see.

That prompted the writer over at Jezebel to question why this cover was "covered" when it shows no more than something you'd see on the front of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition. See a photo of the covered magazine.

What do you think?

Is there a double standard at work?

Should Simpson stay covered up?

Why do you think the decision was made?

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