Jack in the Box chain offers bacon milkshake

You can now get your sugar and pork fix all in one drink, with a Bacon Shake at Jack in the Box fast food restaurants.

If this appeals to you, move fast. The California-based fast-food chain has a disclaimer that says the beverage's stay on the menu will be "as limited as limited can be," reported The Huffington Post .

"The shake is not listed on our menus in the restaurants, so it's more of a 'secret item' that people can order," an unidentified spokesman for the restaurant told Huffington Post. "Each restaurant is getting a very limited quantity, so we don't know how long they will last."

The shake is made with real vanilla ice cream, bacon-flavored syrup, whipped topping and a maraschino cherry. A 16 ounce shake contains 773 calories – nearly half from fat.

A blogger at SFist hated his "test-drive" of the shake.

"Horrific" wrote Brock Keeling . He described the Bacon Shake's taste as "a heavy, lingering bland with a touch of smoke that doesn't go away."

"Instead of offering a variation on salt-sweet, which could have been impressive, Jack in the Box's Bacon Shake hits the senses like smoky maple syrup," Keeling wrote. "And not the good kind that, say, one might have found on their Sunday morning breakfast plate as mom's crunchy bacon mixed with Mrs. Butterworth's viscosity. The cold mound we tried to swallow was too sweet and too lifeless to be considered reasonably tasty in a pinch, or even decent hangover food."

The bacon milkshake is part of a broader Jack in the Box campaign to promote bacon. The theme: "Love bacon? Marry it!" You can even watch a video of a mock-wedding between a man and a burger loaded with bacon. (Watch the video here .)

Offering a sweet version of bacon has done before. Denny's once produced a Maple Bacon Sundae.

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