Cadbury Creme Egg recipes for Easter treats

It's that time of year when crinkly purple bags of chocolate-shelled deliciousness and colorful-foiled chocolate eggs line the shelves of stores. Yes, it's Cadbury egg season.

According to the Daily Mail , Cadbury Eggs were first created in 1923 by the Cadbury Brothers, but weren't enjoyed in their current form until 1963.

If you've thought that there was absolutely no other way to enjoy the chocolaty eggs with their gooey yolk-like center, think again. Here are some creative ways to indulge in a Cadbury Egg this Easter holiday, as featured on BuzzFeed .

Cadbury Creme Egg Deviled Eggs – Taking its inspiration from the savory dish, simply freeze your eggs for an hour or so. Using a sharp knife, cut the egg in half along the seam. Whip up some butter cream frosting and color it yellow, then pipe it into the egg. For more detailed directions, find the recipe at Serious Eats .

Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict – Candy for breakfast? Why not? This "breakfast" twist on the Cadbury Creme egg involves donuts as the English muffin and diced pound cake as the side of "potatoes." Serious Eats has the details on their site.

Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Pancakes – This other "breakfast" creation using the chocolate egg utilized all of the keep components, but not in its traditional form. The UK website Good to Know Recipes features the recipe which involves separating the chocolate and the "yoke" and incorporating the chocolate into the pancake batter. View the recipe here.

Cadbury Egg Donuts – Perhaps the ultimate indulgence, the Huffington Post instructs its readers on how to make this candy filled donut using pizza dough.

Cadbury Egg Milk Shake – With this recipe, also featured on the Huffington Post, now you can enjoy your Cadbury Creme egg in beverage form by mixing the Creme center of the egg with chocolate ice cream. Get full directions here .

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