Australian company doubles new mothers' salaries when they come back to work

Does the rest of the world have it right when it comes to treating new mothers in the work place?

A company in Australia just announced it will double the salaries of new mothers during the first six weeks they're back on the job, according to a recent report .

That's on top of 14 weeks of paid maternity leave.

This might sound completely out of of the ordinary, and it is here in America.

But, so-called "welcome back" bonuses are pretty common in Europe.

The thought behind them is to encourage mothers to come back to work instead of staying home.

Here in the U.S., women are entitled to 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave by law.

Some companies do give women some kind of salary during that time off, but it's up to the business.

Should American companies offer similar incentives here?

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