Are you paying to provide free cell service to people with low incomes?Did you know that some of the

Did you know that some of the fees that you pay on your phone bill may actually be providing free cell service to people with low incomes?

A debate started in Pennsylvania after people became aware of the program, which offers a free phone and 250 minutes a month.

Here's how at works:

The FCC requires all phone companies to pay into something called the Universal Service Fund.

Companies get the money they send to the fund by charging you on you bill.

Money from the fund goes to companies who provide the free service to help offset their cost.

People across the country are using this free service and if you have a cell phone, you're paying for it.

Supporters say the cell phone provides a needed lifeline that helps people get to doctors and stay in touch with loved ones.

Critics say cell phone service isn't a right. Read more about this story.

What do you think about this?

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