2013 trucks: The biggest new trucks to save you big at the pump

Drive by the gas station and it's hard not to notice the staggering numbers. But you don't necessarily need a fuel efficiency car to save money at the pump. 

Feel free to think bigger, much bigger. You won't believe the bells and whistles on some of these brand new beasts on wheels. We're talking about the roughest and toughest pickup trucks of 2013.

"A lot of these trucks have V8's. This is a V6. Obviously, you're going to save money and fuel there," said Joe Masiello, General Sales Manager of Earnhardt Toyota.

How much? Buying the mid-size 2013 Toyota Tacoma will save you nearly $3,000 a year on gas, compared to other models. Safety is also a big priority.

"Everybody's looking at their phone when they're driving," said Masiello.

Now, you can also transform the dashboard's six-inch display into your smartphone.

"Leave your phone in your pocket and make your call," Masiello said.

If a full-size pickup is more your style, but you still want to save money at the pump, pay attention to the 2013 Dodge Ram 1500.

"In the V8, at cruising speeds, the engine will close down to four cylinders," said Ace Earnhardt, Sales Manager at Earnhardt Dodge.

Then, there's the much bigger front end grill.

"Shutters behind the grill are going to shut off when it goes into aerodynamic mode to help on fuel economy, Earnhardt said.

The features continue with special voice command technology.

"It will be able to read your text messages, will be able to text for you, you'll be able to tell it what station to go at for the radio, and points of interest for navigation," Earnhardt said.

If you want the most popular truck on the road for 35 years in a row, then check out the 2013 Ford F-150.

Open the door and… "Power running boards come down," said Andrew Kimmerle, Business Manager at Sanderson Ford.

You'll save gas money with 22 mpg on the highway. It's not as good as the Dodge Ram, but the 26-gallon fuel tank is a nice addition.

"I can go 750 miles in between fill ups," Kimmerle said.

No doubt your kids will want to take this for a spin and Ford's got you covered in the safety department.

"You can change the speeds the truck is actually allowed to go and you can do speed warnings, the truck can warn you," Kimmerle said.

There's even a volume control setting and something called Advance Track.

"If you're in the rain, the vehicle will never spin out of control," Kimmerle explained.

So when you're ready to replace your wheels, you can now think bigger and still save money at the pump.

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