'Weird Science' is getting a remake

It looks like Hollywood is starting to pluck from John Hughes' canon for new material.

Deadline reports that the 1985 Hughes classic "Weird Science," about two nerds (Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith) who try to create their dream girl (Kelly LeBrock), is getting a remake from Universal.

Joel Silver, who worked on the original with Hughes in the mid-80s, will also produce the remake (something that could be taken as a good sign). Michael Bacall, who wrote 2012's movie version of "21 Jump Street," will pen the new "Weird Science."

Bacall's take on the '80s TV show translated well on the big screen, where it had Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as the leads. As with "21 Jump Street," which pulled in $138 million domestically, the "Weird Science" remake will lean toward the edgier side.

Entertainment Weekly points out that if this effort works out, it'll be the first English-language, feature-length remake of a Hughes-helmed movie (which, yes, feels a lot like sacrilege).

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