Tina Fey 'nip slip' at Emmys inspires SNL promo (VIDEO)

NEW YORK - If you watch "Saturday Night Live's" season premiere this weekend, you might see more of Tina Fey than expected.

The 43-year-old actress and comedian is returning to the "SNL" set as host on Saturday, and in a promo video for the gig she makes fun of her "wardrobe malfunction" at the Emmys.

Although "SNL" member Kenan Thompson promises in the clip that all of Fey's clothing will function as it's supposed to, he couldn't foresee his co-star's forgetfulness.

"No, it's not gonna happen, guys," Fey responds to the suggestion that she could just have another "nip slip" on purpose. "It's under control!"

Except for the part about remembering to wear a shirt.

The 39th season premiere of "SNL" will feature musical guest Arcade Fire.

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