Storage Wars drops 3: Show cuts facetime to save money,show accused of planting items, fake

The tension between the cast of "Storage Wars" has now turned inward towards the producers. reports that the show has cut the on-air time of three more cast members, in addition to Dave Hester, in order to save money for the show.

Viewers can expect to see less of Darrell Sheets and energetic auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson in the upcoming season. Obviously the cast members are upset, according to, but it is not known if the lawsuit by Dave Hester is part of the reason.

Hester sued the producers of the show after he was put on a "freeze," which limited his face time on the show. He then was let go after suggesting that the show was "fake" and that hidden treasures were planted in various storage lockers.

We will have to see how this situation from behind-the-camera reflects with the cast on camera.

Tell us: Do you still watch "Storage Wars?"

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