Sneak peek: Palin, Ballas rehearse for Dancing with the Stars

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - The best of the best are back on the dance floor Monday night for week two of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

And, if you thought last week was exciting, tonight we'll really see who can kick up their heels with the quick-step and jive.

ABC15 News got a sneak peek at DWTS All-Stars Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas during rehearsal last week, and the team is confident Monday's performance will bring the crowd to its feet.

"We get along really well," smiled Bristol Palin.

There's no denying Palin and Ballas' chemistry on the dance floor.

"See, I don't pick favorites," explained Ballas. "Cause I'd have like eleven women after me trying to kill me."

Palin and Ballas shocked the audience two seasons ago after earning a spot in the finals. Palin hopes to silence critics Monday night who don't think she's worthy of an All-Star spot either.

"I think our song will say it best this week," Palin exclaimed. "It's just like whatever."

Whatever you think of Palin her new look is transforming her attitude.

"I think I've grown up a lot in the last two years and I think it makes a big difference," Palin pointed out.

Palin's a busy young lady on two reality show high one starring her 3-year-old son Tripp, who sits front and center when his mommy is shaking it on "Dancing with the Stars."

"My mom was bribing him though with little gummy bears the whole time," giggled Palin. "I just have a really good support system at home. My parents help me out all the time. My dad has Tripp right now so they're always helping me out so I'm just thankful I have them."

It's a support system living primarily in the Valley, where her sister attends school. Palin divides her time between Alaska and Scottsdale, where she dances 6 hours a day.  

"It's just a lot to juggle," Palin pointed out. "Definitely tons of people have done it before and I'm a working mom just like lot of other moms out there."

But most moms are not playing out their lives in front of cameras and being scrutinized by the press. A shy Palin said each day she's getting stronger and better, and not just on the dance floor.

"I feel a million times better," Palin said happily.

"This is the most excited I think I've ever seen her ever in life," agreed Ballas.

When asked about her love life she said, "It's just great," Palin laughed.

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