Parents of missing Tucson girl, Isabel Celis, on 'Katie' Monday

PHOENIX - The parents of missing Tucson girl, Isabel Celis, were featured on the ABC show "Katie" Monday afternoon.

Becky and Sergio Celis were among several guests talking about people who vanished without a trace, according to a show news release.

The Celis' 6-year-old daughter disappeared from her bedroom in April.

Becky and Sergio told police they last saw their daughter around 11 p.m. on Friday, April 11.

Isabel's mother, a nurse, was at work Saturday morning when Sergio went to wake the girl and discovered she was missing.

On Monday's show, he told Katie Couric he at first thought something logical had happened, that maybe Isabel had been taken by Becky's brother or aunt and gone out for breakfast.

Becky told Couric it's still a "big nightmare," that she's still waiting for someone to come to her and tell her it's not true.

A reward is being offered for information regarding Isabel's disappearance.

'Katie' airs on ABC15 at 3 p.m.

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