Scandal recap: Papa Pope is REALLY mad

A week is a long time. So here are some highlights from last Thursday’s episode…just in case you forgot.

-Sally. Is. Running. The Vice-President might be crazy, but she’s not stupid. Bringing Cyrus in to clean up the mess she made while stabbing her husband to death--was a stroke of genius.

- Papa Pope is mad. Really mad. And he’s on a warpath heading straight for Fitz. Honestly, could he have sounded any creepier telling his daughter to “run.”

- Harrison is finally getting a story line! And joke’s on us. The elusive and well-connected Adnan Salif he’s been so scared of, is a girl.

-Mellie has binders and binders of men! Men for Olivia. And none of them are named Fitz.

-Olake (aka Olivia and Jake are back)….sort of.

-Vermont is getting farther and farther away. Take a moment to marinate on that one.

Well Gladiators, there you have it.

The table has been set for a very juicy second half of the season.

Let the feast begin!

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC15.

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