Scandal Blog: Things heat up for Olivia Pope and company

Last week's Scandal was entitled, "Truth and Consequences" and boy did we get an intravenous shot of both!

Secrets are becoming harder to keep.

Our favorite oilman, Hollis, who is also most likely to be behind the assassination attempt on President Grant, shows up at Olivia's office to clue her in that the U.S. Attorney has accused him of being involved with the rigging of the Presidential election.

Hollis also adds that he will not hesitate to sell Olivia (and their co-conspirators) to the feds and cut a deal in order to avoid jail. Such the gentleman, that Hollis. 

This news sends our heroine into a tailspin of despair that confines her to a bed for days. Not even a call from her beloved President Grant announcing his pending divorce lifts Olivia from the depths of her depression. 

In fact, it's not until Huck informs her that White House Chief of Staff Cyrus plans on killing Hollis that she snaps out of it to try and save him.

Some things are easier said than done.

The fallout from President Fitzgerald Grant's divorce declaration is only beginning to come down. First Lady Mellie is beside herself and as I predicted, she will not relinquish that title without a knockdown, drag out fight.

We start the episode with Mellie in Cyrus' office demanding that he get Fitz' mind right and shut down the divorce talk.  Fitz makes it pretty clear that he has permanently checked out of the marriage, and not even the threat of dismal post-divorce poll numbers can change his mind. 

We finish the episode with  Mellie hitting a new low…inducing labor while only eight months pregnant, as a last ditch effort to stop her husband for filing for divorce.  And to be honest, it seems to have worked.


If Twitter—and this delicious preview (embedded below) are to be trusted, Thursday night's Scandal will indeed be a #GameChanger. 

Who ordered the hit on the President?  Is Olivia really going to marry Edison?  Is Fitz really going to file for divorce or is this some brain trauma induced delusion? And how in the world will Olivia & company get out of this election rigging mess?  Guess we'll find out!

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