Scandal recap: Here we go again

With all the craziness in this season of Scandal, you just knew the finale was going to be insane. This season ending episode entitled "White Hats Back On" did not disappoint in the insanity department. As for the fate of our star crossed lovers, I cannot say the same. Let's get to it!

The evil alliance has reunited minus "dead as a slab of bacon" Verna (welcome back Hollis). And who better to take her place than the guy that killed her? Fitz stunned just about everyone by his arrival at the super-secret meeting and mandating that Billy Chambers not be killed. But floored Mellie when he privately signals Olivia to announce the plan that they obviously devised together.

She tells them that election rigging in Defiance is the problem not, Billy; and if they find the Cytron card, they are in the clear. After the room has cleared Fitz tells Olivia that she will be in the White House with him--as his wife--during his second term. He then tasks her to devise a plan that will force the American public to take Mellie off her pedestal and accept Olivia as First Lady.

A series of blood pressure raising events gives Cyrus a coronary—literally. First he meets up with strange Park Guy/B-613 guy and is desperately trying to figure out why he is threatening Olivia. In the next moment, he takes a call from Olivia where she tells Cy about Governor Reston being in cahoots with Billy. She says that Fitz's former opponent, is completely aware that he stole the election from him.

Cyrus informs her that Fitz is taking a meeting with Reston at that very second. Cyrus runs to begin some serious damage control when he suddenly collapses. It was certainly scary but not surprising. Cyrus has been under tremendous pressure and it all came to a head at that moment. Our next Cyrus sighting is him in an ambulance ordering the secret service to shoot the poor EMT's that are trying to help him.

Billy made the most of his comeback. The speech he gave,  imploring David to turn over the Cytron card was memorable. From referring to OPA as "a band of thugs" to begging David to "wake up and smell the justice," Billy was in rare form.  Oh… he also blames Olivia for turning him into a complete nut job,  then admitted to killing CIA guy, stabbing dead girl in David's bed, and murdering her friend Molly.

Once Mellie finds out Fitz's poll numbers are up and her popularity is down, she decides to make an impromptu visit to Cyrus' hospital bed and is planning a photo op with Fitz once they depart. He declines. And with a confidence we have never seen from Fitz, he puts Mellie on notice that she is going to quietly leave the White House before his second term.

He promises to help her in her new political career and will campaign with her. A year into his term he will go on a couple high profile dates. And a few months later he and Olivia will spark up an old friendship that will turn into a full blown relationship.  He says their marriage will spark a real dialogue about race. Fitz goes on to say the party will love Olivia and Mellie will want to be on the right side of history. But if his wife decides not to comply,  he'll make sure she is labeled as racist. Mellie is fit to be tied.

Cy already knows Liv came up with that grand plan. And he knows he has to play his best and last card to break them up. Later that night, our sickly Chief of Staff breaks out of the hospital, heads to Olivia's and almost has another heart attack when goes down the list of the lengths he has gone to protect Olivia's safety and Fitz's presidency.

Cyrus declares that he has had enough and plays his hand—he tells Liv that Fitz killed Verna with his own two hands. On his way out the door he reminds her that life is not a romance novel. Cy sends that same message to the President; when he stops by the White House to pop in a DVD of what he describes as "reality television." The reality of Jake and Olivia getting it on looked as if it would break Fitz. Turns out, that would not happen until later.

Someone was trying to force their way into Liv's apartment. As she begins to dial 911, one of Creepy Jake's gloved hands cover her mouth, the other hand pops a bullet into the head of the would be intruder. Jake-now a little less creepy- rushes her to OPA offices and tells her she might be safe there for a little while. But as long as she and Fitz are carrying on, she will be in danger.

Jake then admits that he is a part of B613. And being the fixer that she is, Olivia wants to help him get out. He tells her there is no out and that his entire mission was to sleep with her. Maybe out of gratitude or perhaps because he has likely signed his death warrant in rescuing her—Olivia  kisses him—the same way he did her back when she would not forget about Fitz. She tells him to be safe but even Jake cannot escape the clutches of B613-the next time we see Captain Ballard, he is being dropped into the Huck Hole for disobedient CIA operatives.

Huck and Quinn have tracked Billy down. He walks through the door of his apartment, sees them, and drops his bags and runs— fast. But not fast enough. The next shot of him is on the floor, wrapped up, taped down, gagged and waiting to be tortured for info on the whereabouts of the Cytron card. But Huck can't do it. Our ultimate Gladiator has had a rough go of it over the past few episodes, and Quinn has been picking up the slack.

This time she grabs the power tool from Huck and in a moment of what appeared to be pure pleasure, she drilled the info out of Billy.  Abby gets the card. And we find out it is a fake. We also find out that all those nights David Rosen was left alone in OPA offices, he was attempting all twenty-thousand possible safe combinations, until one of them finally worked.

David shows up at Cyrus' office and hands him what we are assuming is the real Cytron card. But it comes at price. David not only wants his job back, he wants to be the boss. He also leaves Olivia some parting gifts to include a taped confession from Billy on his role in the murders, and for his selling of government secrets to terrorists. And of course the white hat.

In an emotional assault that I will not soon forget, the last conversation between Olivia and Fitz left me shell-shocked. They started out on the same page; Fitz telling Olivia he did not care about her tryst with Jake. Olivia telling him that his murdering of Verna does not matter. She says that  with Defiance now behind them, his slate is clean. He can let go of his guilt about Verna and the resentment he still has for his father. Then she ruined it all … by telling him to let go of her too; because in order to win a second term he will need Mellie.  Olivia has once again unilaterally decided their fate. 

She explains to Fitz that she took her team too far on to the dark side on her and Fitz's behalf so now they need her more than he does. Fitz. Is. Ruined. We know this because the next time we see the President, he is on his knees, crying in Mellie's lap. Back on the Olitz merry-go-round we go.

As Olivia often does when she and Fitz are on hiatus, she decides to get in a little exercise. As she walks out the door to go for a run, she is bombarded by media questioning how long she has been sleeping the president. Amid the frenzy she is ushered into a limo where she sitting across from strange park guy/B613 head guy, who she addresses as, Dad.

All in all this season has been spectacular. This is a show in which our President is a murderer, a philanderer and was illegally elected to office; so perhaps I was expecting a little more cliff to hang from during the season finale.  

Like I say, letting Olitz actually survive a hiatus together! Still, plenty of seeds were planted, so it will be exciting to see how the garden grows. Did Olivia's dad really order  Jake to sleep with her?  Will someone get Quinn some counseling? Will Fitz get back on the sauce? And who tipped off the press about Fitz and Olivia's relationship?!?!  

I can't wait to see what new Scandals await us this Fall! Thanks for reading and see you then!

Notes and Observations:

-I could watch a full season Cyrus and VP Sally Langston going at each other and be happy.

-Poor, poor Jake. That is one man that has ‘earned' Olivia.

-Sure hope we get to see Hank the White House dog, especially since he and Sally Langston's only jobs are to be loyal and not die.

-Boyfriend blown up, framed for an explosion, and another boyfriend murdered while you're on a bagel run—I guess the real question is how did Quinn not lose her mind sooner?

-How many times will Mellie allow herself to be Fitz's shoulder (or in this case, lap) to cry on about Olivia? Get a clue.  

-Olivia's dad really could have avoided a lot of drama had he just called her.

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