Scandal recap: Crazy ride on 'Molly You In Danger, Girl'

Scandal has taken us on some crazy rides, but this last episode, "Molly You In Danger, Girl", may have been the most out of control yet and I have diagnosed myself with whiplash.

It is now pretty well established that CIA Director Osborne is not the mole.

It really is a shame that someone forgot to tell Fitz. Because our dear President announces to the entire world that the person responsible for our international security, not only sold secrets to our enemies, he also killed himself on a busy street overwhelmed with shame.

It's a narrative that Fitz bought hook, line and sinker, but one that did not sit well with Osborne's wife. She retains Olivia Pope & Associates because she is convinced her husband was forced to write a suicide note by the person that killed him. 

After some digging, the crew figures out that Osborne was set up and that Molly -- the friend of the dead girl that David woke up next to a few weeks back -- is probably in on it.

Good to know Huck and Quinn regularly sweep Olivia's apartment for bugs. It's just unfortunate that Creepy Jake is like 10 steps ahead of them and disconnects the cameras just before the sweeps actually occur, and returns to turn them back on. Then Creepy calls her while he is still inside her house. I mean, really. 

Later, Jake listens as Olivia airs all of her concerns to Cyrus about the CIA Director not being the mole. Cyrus doesn't even want to entertain the idea of that being true, but Jake is instantly in damage control mode.

The next time we see Creepy he is back in the park with the guy that gave him directives last week on Osborne's murder, only now he's being told to handle Olivia. His plan to manipulate Olivia began as they always do…with her turning down his pushy request for a dinner date. 

Mellie was right about one thing, that interviewer was most certainly not Oprah. Nevertheless, Fitz and the First Lady shine in their first post-assassination attempt interview together.

According to Cyrus, the President is only weeks away from announcing his re-election bid and in the wake of CIA-gate they need to turn up the charm. Those two were in full-on campaign mode, from the story of how they met, to the finishing of one another's sentences, they had me just about convinced—and I know better.

Fitz brought us all back to reality when he refreshed Mellie's memory about the real story of how they came to be. Turns out it was all orchestrated by Fitz's father, Big Jerry.  Mellie comes from good lineage, and old money -- everything Big Jerry wasn't.

Now Fitz is scared that it has become too easy for him to pretend that their love is real.  His wife does not share his concern. In fact, she tells him that all marriages have an element of make believe and that's how couples survive life with one another. It was hard to tell whether Fitz was horrified or sad, either way it's clear he felt sorry for Mellie because she truly believed what she was saying. 

The torture of that interview was enough to get Olivia to make a Getty's Burger run and hightail it to Jake's house unannounced. When does anything good ever happen when you show up at someone's house unannounced? It was unsettling to watch Olivia become instantly comfortable in Jake's space because you could just feel that something bad was on the horizon.

In a scene that seems about 5 episodes too early, Olivia leaves a sleeping Jake in his bed, gets a glass of water, grabs the remote control and turns on the TVs showing the live feed of her house. Jake wakes up and tries to calm her down, but Olivia tries to run and is forced to fight.

What began as burgers and beer in the kitchen, progressed to lovin' in the bedroom and ended with a bloody concussed Olivia on the living room floor.

Creepy at least had the decency to take her to the hospital, and more importantly Fitz had the decency to show up as soon as he found out.

After a quick coaching from Creepy on exactly what to say, Olivia had to face Fitz in her hospital bed still fresh with the stink of Jake on her, wondering how they already knew one another.

While Olivia is being attacked, David showed some worth for the first time in a long time. He had some of his old contacts get Molly on the no-fly list so she could not travel as they suspected she would. Harrison and Abby talk to her just long enough to confirm that her story is fake and she is scared to death that the person that paid her will kill her the same way they did her friend.

Meantime, Huck and Quinn have tracked the person that paid Molly to a storage unit. The duo was checking out the facility when Huck is attacked and locked in a crate in the storage room. Quinn used her newly acquired sleuthing skills to finally be of use and find Huck. He is badly beaten and in shock, but alive.

As if all of this weren't enough, Fitz admits to Cyrus that he killed Verna! Cyrus' hit man/private eye broke into Olivia's apartment and is wearing the exact same hat as the person that attacked Huck. Oh and Molly is dead.


there you have it, they threw us a few bones and leave us with a buffet full of questions to chew on until new episodes return in three weeks. 

I fully intend on using this break to recuperate and recharge for the home stretch of this second season of Scandal, because if we continue at this rate my head just might explode.

Notes and Observations:

-This might be the most appropriate title for a television episode ever.

-Funny that Fitz knows all about Cyrus' marital woes but is clueless that Jake is making serious moves on Olivia. And that Jake is probably in cahoots with the mole. And…this list could go on and on...

-Hey James, be careful what you ask for.

-I watched her do it, yet I still find myself believing Abby when she tells David she did not steal the Cytron card.

-Did anyone else think Quinn was going to get knocked over the head by the storage unit attendant?

-How many traumas must Huck endure on Olivia's behalf?

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