Scandal Blog: Let the showdowns begin!

I sincerely hope you did not sleep on last week's Scandal episode "Top of the Hour."  Because … we have been setup for a showdown ... actually several showdowns.

Let's begin, shall we?

Supreme Debacle. Again.

Fitz's terrible Supreme Court Justice luck continues, as his nomination to replace the dearly departed Verna hits a snag. The new candidate carried on an affair with his law student several years ago then did not disclose it to Cyrus during the vetting process—because no one ever finds out about these things. Olivia and the crew are hired to represent the former law student/current CEO half of the affair. This leads to some masterful tit-for-tat media manipulation between Cyrus and Olivia. It also gives Fitz a reason to call Olivia and break our hearts all over again. The President's declaration that Olivia's role in fixing the election ruined him was haunting. Am I the only one annoyed that she has yet to apologize? Is "I'm sorry" even in Olivia Pope's vocabulary?

Fitz N' Jake (and Cyrus too)

Setup: I've said it before and I will say it again: This will not end well.  Just ask the paparazzi dude that "Creepy Jake" pummeled in his own house. That guy made the mistake of taking a picture of Olivia and Creepy while they were exchanging info on the CIA hostages. As soon as the flash went off you had to know that guy was a goner. Not only did Creepy track the guy down, break into his house and steal his memory card—he beat him beyond all recognition. His willingness to get his hands dirty is probably necessary but definitely unsettling; especially now that Cyrus is aware of his influence over Fitz (thanks for that Mellie). 

Showdown: Any number of things could happen at this point. Unfortunately none of them bode well for our heroine. History tells us that Cyrus will go to Olivia about this Jake problem. For everyone's sake, let's hope that conversation takes place anywhere other than Olivia's apartment because Creepy has that place under 24-hour surveillance. Then again, this is Scandal, so go ahead and expect the worst outcome possible.

HuckleberryQuinn vs CIA Director

Setup: Is anyone better cast than the shifty-eyed CIA Director that more than likely arranged for terrorists to abduct American spies? That guy's creepy factor is substantial—maybe even more than Jake's. Huck and Quinn are following him around town hoping he will slip up and expose himself for the traitor that he is. They finally catch a break at an unlikely spot—his neighborhood cleaners. In true Quinn fashion, she completely botched her attempt at being inconspicuous but finds out that the CIA guy drops off more than clothes and picks up loads of cash.

Showdown: Is there a worse position than to be in the cross hairs of an increasingly desperate terrorist? This unfortunate spot is right where Huck and Quinn will soon find themselves. We now know that the guy working at the cleaners is in cahoots with the CIA Director and that he has his own surveillance cameras. CIA knows what she looks like and it's only a matter of time before Huck and Olivia have to handle it.

Tune in for Scandal Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC15.

Judging by the promo (embedded) we will not be disappointed! Let the showdowns begin!




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