Scandal Blog: Huck's past revealed

We always knew Huck was a little messed up—but my word—who could have guess it was this bad. Our ultimate Gladiator is right where we left him last week curled up in a corner and rocking back and forth only now he is mumbling the words and title of this episode "Seven-fifty-two."

A good chunk of the show is a very telling flashback focusing on Huck. He used to have a family. He was also a Marine when recruited by the CIA to be an assassin. Charlie-aka Cyrus' personal hitman-was his mentor of sorts.   

But in between scenes of him cutting off people's fingers and toes for information, we watched Huck fall in love, get married, have a baby, buy a house—and just live a normal life. That made it all the sadder when his picture perfect life unraveled right along with his sanity. 

After the CIA discovered he had a family (which apparently is a big no-no for contracted government killers) Huck was snatched from his home and locked in what I can only describe as a metal underground box. He was held there for months until he successfully denied having a family. We learn that the last time he saw his family, the clock said "seven fifty two."

While still in the hospital, Olivia and Fitz had the conversation Gladiators have been waiting for since this whole election rigging mess started—and it was worth the wait. In what may have been the best Olitz argument scene yet, they laid it all out. Olivia says she's hurt by the way he has treated her and is livid about him having her watched.  But Fitz steals the show, first with his explanation about why Olivia's role in the rigging hurt him so much. Then, by his demand of another chance to make it work and everything in between. They played the "one minute" music and everything. *Swoon*  But in true Olivia fashion, she runs out of the room declaring for the ump-teenth time that she just can't do it anymore.

You know who else can't do it anymore? Mellie. And I think she means it this time. She is moving with baby Teddy across the street to give Fitz a short a little time to decide who he wants to be with. And he better choose her or she will go nuclear. What's interesting here is that Fitz has offered to give up the presidency for Olivia on more than one occasion-but Olivia never lets him; baby Teddy is living proof of that fact. Can't wait to see what plan Liv cooks up to save Fitz's job this time.

Notes and Observations:

-Aww. Charlie didn't kill Huck like he was supposed to back in the day.

-Is Cyrus looking for proof that Liv and Creepy Jake slept together so that he can give it to Fitz?

-Harrison's description of himself as being all talk was not only spot on but beautifully executed.

-How sad was it that Huck could not remember if his family was real or not?

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