Scandal Blog: Fans takeover Twitter to discuss the latest conspiracy theories

For many Gladiators, one of the things that makes Scandal so fun is the banter with other Gladiators across the globe via social media .

It would appear that Scandal's own Kerry Washington pulled an Olivia Pope, and masterminded what can only be described as a "Twitter Takeover" on Thursday nights. It has been reported that Scandal gets more than 2,000 tweets per minute on any given Thursday.

As the cast explains it, the conspiracy to keep us glued to our Twitter feeds during Scandal with live tweets (on both coasts) was the brain child of Washington. She and show creator Shonda Rhimes encouraged the cast to engage fans on Twitter from the show's inception--and thank goodness for it! Every single cast member tweets (even creepy Jake).

The result is instant gratification. If Cyrus makes us standup and cheer after one of his epic monologues--it gets an RT! If Huck needs a virtual group hug--we give it to him! If we are repulsed at the way Fitz is treating Olivia--we tell him! And if we're really, really lucky we get a response.

We had a great time talking with the cast about the importance of social media, and how they connect with fans.

Check out the interviews with everyone from Huck to Fitz in the video above and then tune in Thursday night to an encore episode of "Nobody Likes Babies."

This game changer of an episode is absolutely worth a second look--because I pretty much guarantee that you missed something the first time around.

Scandal airs THURSDAYS at 9 p.m. on ABC15.

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