Scandal Blog: Be afraid, be very afraid

A genuinely good guy is set up for a murder he didn't commit.

The President needs an intervention.

 And Olivia has a stalker.

Last week's Scandal episode entitled Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (I'll let you look up what that means) had us all screaming that at the television.

Reunited and it could not feel worse.

Our favorite (former) Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen finds himself on the wrong side of the law after waking up with a butchered woman in his bed and a bloody knife in his hand. We soon find out that he was roofied by said dead woman and was likely framed for her murder by a professional. This poor guy might have the worst luck in all of Washington D.C.

Who else does one call after being drugged and framed for murder other than Olivia Pope? After she and her team commit all kinds of felonies by cleaning up the crime scene, they get to the real work of trying to figure out who would want a) girlie dead and b) David to go down for it. 

Turns out the dead lady steals highly classified secrets then sells them the highest bidder for a living; so there is no shortage of people that want her dead. But there is only one person that repeatedly calls her cell phone the day she is murdered. Enter Jake Ballard.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

When we first meet Jake flirting in the coffee shop with Olivia, we are left with a glimmer of hope that this chance meeting with a hot, charismatic guy could mean that Olivia has gotten her post-Fitz groove back. Yeah. Not quite.

Half way through the episode all kinds of red flags are raised after we learn that Jake is somehow connected to the dead lady because he is the one that has been calling her phone.

By the end, all hope is lost when we see that things are shadier than we (and apparently Olivia) could have ever imagined. Cut to this guy was sitting on his couch having a snack while watching no less than ten live surveillance feeds in and around Olivia's apartment. Dare you to say you saw that coming? Absolute creeper.

Time heals all wounds?

It would appear that President Fitzgerald Grant's head wounds from the attempt on his life ten months earlier have healed quite nicely. The wound to his heart, not so much. Still reeling from the revelation that he did not win the election fair and square and, that Olivia helped; Fitz is broken, lonely, trusts no one…oh, and he might be a functioning alcoholic. The man can't get through his morning shower without scotch, literally. 

It's a pretty disturbing fall from grace. Just as disturbing is the way Fitz now treats Olivia. After not having seen one another for months, they are forced face to face at the christening of Chief of Staff Cyrus and James' daughter. Throughout the ceremony it's pretty clear something is going to go down.  We aren't sure exactly what that will be until Fitz just about chases Olivia through a hall way and throws her in to a computer server closet. Let's just say, a steamy time was had by all.

Both leave the closet obviously full of regret and Olivia takes to chance to acknowledge that she made a mistake in agreeing to rig the election. To which Fitz lets her know, in perhaps the coldest way possible, that he is still mad, will never forgive her betrayal and to basically continue to kick rocks.

Looks like dark Fitz is here to stay for a while. Will he learn to forgive in time to save his soul? Whoever set up David did an exceptional job. It will be fun to watch he and Olivia piece together that puzzle.  And don't even start me on this creep Jake-I'm not sure I even want to know what more he has in store for our Olivia. Who is he and what does he want? She's definitely going to figure him out before anything bad happens, right? Right!?! With any luck we'll find out Thursday.

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