'Dancing with the Stars' Lisa Vanderpump has got to go (BLOG)

LOS ANGELES - There were 2 quotes on DWTS that had me rolling. #1 D.L. Hughely said, after watching his rough week with dance partner Cheryl, "We had a few Bobby and Whitney moments." #2 Tom Bergeron said that last week Bruno said Sean the Bachelor did a Chippendale's version of the Quick Step, but some people see what they want to see. Love him!

There was one other thing I noticed tonight. Len is a grump and scored almost everyone a point less than the other judges. Jus'sayin. On to the show…

Ingo kicked off the night with a Quick Step. I found it to be adequate. It didn't impress me and despite a good response from the judges, Ingo only got a 20.

An injured Dorothy Hamill danced a Jive. Ouch. I adore her and think she can be an awesome competitor, but she did not bring it this week. She was nursing an injury and claimed that she felt no pain, but her performance said differently. I hope she's back next week. She's really a joy to watch. She only scored a 15.

Jacoby Jones graced us with Jazz. Fun, fun and then a little more fun. The crowd ate it up, the judges ate it up, and yes, I ate it up. With a spoon. Love those jazz hands, Jacoby! Way to work it! 23!

Victor Ortiz danced a Jive that did not jive with me. Something just wasn't right about it. He looked like he was having fun, but I didn't think he sold the performance. The judges gave him an 18.

Wynonna danced a Quick Step that wasn't so quick. I really think her stamina is going to hold her back. Carrie Ann said she has to unleash, because she is a wild woman. If she dances another week, she better let that crazy lady out. She needs something! 18 for Wynonna.

Zendaya. Jive. Freaking awesome. 26. ‘Nuff said.

Andy Dick performed Jazz and it was fabulous. It was totally bizarre with an "Alice in Wonderland" theme set to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". I can't vote for it, because my loyalties lie elsewhere (Team Baltimore), but I'd love to see that again for an encore. You nailed it Team Dick! Stay strong! Hooray for 20!

Sean danced a Jive and I definitely saw an improvement from last week, but it looks like he's just not feeling it. He's having fun, but he's not selling it. We'll see if his Bachelor followers will carry him to next week. 20.

Aly Raisman was stellar. I would say borderline perfection. She performed the crap out of her Quick Step. I was surprised she didn't squeak a 9 out of any of the judges. 24.

So there's this chick Lisa on the show. Her partner is Gleb and he thinks it's a good idea to dance circles around her while she does the Jennifer Gray from "Dirty Dancing." You know, the hitch-hiker thumbs thing? Okay, so she didn't actually do that, but she might as well have. I don't see Ms. Vanderpump going far. I could listen to her talk for days. I cannot watch her dance that long, though. 18.

DL Hughely. Poor, poor D.L. Hughley. He said he was humiliated on national TV last week because of how the judges tore into him. He improved noticeably this week, but the judges still weren't so kind. Len and Carrie Ann gave him 5's for his Quick Step. Bruno, the hero, gave him a 6. 16 for D.L.

I love me some Pickler. She and Derek performed Jazz like it was week 7. They are a pair to be reckoned with. 26 for them. See ya' next week, Kell.

I think Vanderpump has got to go. I feel it in my gut. Don't forget to vote online at abc.com for Team Baltimore!  

Katie Gallagher is a director at WMAR. She came to us straight out of Towson University after graduating in 1998. She is a mother of three kids ages six and under and doesn't have time to watch much TV, but when she does, it's "Dancing with the Stars."


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