Julie Baker is the latest reality star from Phoenix

PHOENIX - Cable TV's latest star is a Phoenix native who knows how to tickle your sweet tooth.

Julia Baker has a name fit for her vocation and a personality perfect for television. She's been wowing Phoenix Valley foodies with her chocolate confections for years. Now, the entire country is getting an introduction. Her new show, "Sweet Julia", can be seen on the Cooking Channel.

We asked her if the experience lived up to preconceived notions of reality TV production.

"It was not at all like I expected," she said with her trademark smile. "I have no editing rights so they shoot us in our real world and then what ends up on the show is what they want."

This is pretty standard practice in the reality show realm, but Julia isn't letting that diminish any enthusiasm for the show. After all, thousands of viewers will see Baker and her staff in the kitchen, making delectable goodies, like French caramel truffles and Irish crème, mile ganache and passion fruit chocolates.

You can watch her new show April 27 at 7:30 p.m. and April 28 at 11 a.m. on the Cooking Channel. If you'd like to try her treats in person, Julia's flagship store is in the Biltmore Fashion Park.

Julia may be the latest reality star with Valley ties, but she's not the first. Here's our list of others.

Brian Malarkey

He's not a Valley native, but this celebrity chef and restaurateur made a splash when he brought Searsucker to Scottsdale in 2012. Big flavors suit his over-the-top personality, which also launched his reality TV career. He was a 2009 "Top Chef" finalist and most recently judged contestants on ABC's hit show "The Taste."

Paul Rhymer

To say Rhymer has an interesting job is an understatement. The bespectacled sculptor not only works in wax, but also flesh and bone. He is a taxidermist who recently judged the work of contestants on the delightfully unique AMC series "Immortalized." Rhymer is a regular at the Scottsdale's Celebration of Fine Art.

Doug Hopkins

Hopkins is a very busy man. He's constantly scouting for properties to flip while starring on the Discovery Channel's "Property Wars." He also makes appearances on local TV stations as a real estate expert.

Brett Michaels

This rocker needs no introduction. He's put in thousands of hours on stage and on the road when he toured with Poison, then embarked on a solo career. He also made a new name for himself as he searched for love on the VH-1 series "Rock of Love."

We think the five reality stars on our list should team up for a special. Tension will build between Malarkey and Baker as they plan a new restaurant. Hopkins will scout the location and rehab the place while Brett Michaels auditions members for the house band. Now that's a show we can get behind!

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