DWTS recap: Bill Nye the Science Guy goes home on 'Dancing with the Stars'

It may be Hollywood week on "Dancing with the Stars," but for one couple, the night did not have a Hollywood ending.

Will the storyline be about the underdog overcoming the odds? Host Tom Bergeron says Science Guy Bill Nye is being treated for a badly torn tendon, and we'll find out later if he competes.

First up, actress Leah Remini and Tony have a James Bond-themed rumba to "Skyfall." Her shapes and body language are amazing. She looks perfectly at ease playing a sultry Bond girl. They end the dance with a roll in the hay on the dance floor. Judge Len Goodman says he loves their chemistry. Regarding Leah's sexy performance, judge Bruno Tonioli declares, "I'm going straight here!" Judge Carrie Ann Inaba says Leah turned up the steam. Score: 24 out of 30.

Leah tweeted, "Thank you all for voting for us @TonyDovolani. We really appreciate your support. I get another week on #DWTS !! Xoxo."

Host Brooke Burke is in the glitter pit, talking to Bill Nye, who says he tore 80 percent of his quadricep last week. The doctors do not want him to dance, but Bill is not yet saying if he will or won't.

Disney star Corbin Bleu and Karina have a quickstep with him as a director, her a starlet. His speed is good for the quickstep and he has real height on the jumps. The routine is fast but without varied content. Bruno says they stayed in synch going so fast. Carrie Ann says too much hip hop creeped into his choreography. Len says style was sacrificed for speed. Score: 26.

Actress Elizabeth Berkley and Val have a foxtrot. He blindfolds her in practice – how "50 Shades." Their routine has a Mile High Club theme. Elizabeth has fun with coy movements. She's light on her feet, looking very graceful. The audience seems charmed. Carrie Ann says Elizabeth took her performance to new heights. Len calls it delicious. Bruno says they flew first class. Score: 25.

Elizabeth tweeted, "Hope you felt like you were ‘flying' with us tonight on that dance floor...loved dancing for you tonight. #GRATEFUL xoxo."

Actor Brant Daugherty and Peta have a flapper-styled quickstep. He's got a foot injury, but it holds him back in no way. His speed and movement across the floor are stellar. And he smiles the whole time. Flawless and breezy. He looks like an athletic mannequin. Len calls Brant the "no stress express." Bruno says he's a perfect matinee idol. Carrie Ann says, "You are not who I thought you were." Score: 27.

Brant tweeted, "Im so overwhelmed and grateful right now. Thank you all for your love and support, it means the world to us. @PetaMurgatroyd #DWTS."

TV icon Valerie Harper and Tristan have a cha cha. She's Grace Kelly, he's Freddie Mercury. Valerie's blonde wig makes her look much younger. It's obvious she's forgetting some steps – but the sheer joy on her face cancels out any feelings of pity. Carrie Ann says she brings grace to her routines. Len says it was like flying coach: a bit bumpy but arrived safely. Score: 16.

Comedian Bill Engvall and Emma have a paso doble to the Lone Ranger theme. He is clearly enjoying this character more than his prior dances. Bill's form is solid, his posture is precise, and his speed is good. The routine grows in intensity and Bill delivers. Carrie Ann says he nailed it. Len calls it his best dance. Score: 24.

Bill tweeted, "Thanks to all of you for your votes and comments. But the real thanks goes to @EmmaSlaterDance she is great. #engvalldwts @DancingABC."

"Glee" actress Amber Riley and Derek have the Charleston. This number is something. Amber easily nails the over-the-top, cartoony aspects of the dance. She looks like she's having a blast. Derek choreographs so many different sections into the dance that her speed has to change constantly. It's somehow corny and intense at the same time; a real crowd pleaser. Len calls it fun to watch. But Bruno and Carrie Ann said they got off synch a little. Score: 24.

Amber tweeted, "Thank you guys so much for the positive tweets! #TeamRoughley I had so much fun doing that number!!!"

Reality TV star Jack Osbourne and Cheryl have a disco-era cha cha. Out of all his dances, this is the most uncomfortable and stiff he's ever looked. It also looked like he was trying to keep up with Cheryl. He does a decent job keeping up and looking smooth, ending with the splits. Bruno wasn't sure if he was watching Chewbacca or Bigfoot. Carrie Ann tells Jack to watch his hips and hands. Score: 22.

Jack tweeted, "Well....that could have been better. The show must go on. Don't forget to vote 1-800-868-3402."

Kelly Osbourne is in the audience. She says seeing her brother in fluorescent pink is making her dreams come true.

Singer Christina Milian and Mark have a Charleston. Mark is in clown makeup. Christina starts off alone, acting coy. It feels like a jazz routine. It's busy, with lots of content to match the quickly shifting tempo. It never slows and their synch is great. Carrie Ann calls them incredible. Len says they mirrored the dance. Bruno says Christina performed better than

ever. Score: 26.

Christina tweeted, "ThankU guys for getting us thru another week! Tonight's performance was SO MUCH FUN! #teammilianballas 1800Vote401."

"Jersey Shore" veteran Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Sasha have a quickstep. She's a redhead Marilyn Monroe. Snooki does a good job sweeping across the floor with him, and they cap the dance doing a one-handed cartwheel at the same time – while holding hands. Len says she surprised him. Bruno says her commitment shows. Carrie Ann says the dance blew her away. Score: 25.

Snooki tweeted, "YAY so happy !! Loved tonight's dance and thank you all for your continued support!! Means the world to us @SashaFarber."

It's time for the show to tell us if Bill Nye and Tyne will perform, or if his injury will sideline him. The doctor told Bill he could need surgery if he dances. But Bill says he's rather risk injury than give up. What a trooper.

Bill and Tyne are up with a jazz (I mistakenly reported a jive before – but what's one frenzied "j" dance for another?). Bill immobilizes his knee for a silly robot routine to Daft Punk and puts on his best "Tron" outfit. It's the wackiest routine I've ever seen on this show. Bruno says he didn't see any jazz, but it was entertaining. Carrie Ann says he showed amazing spirit. Len loved his guts, determination, and bravery. Score: 16.

It's time for elimination. Tom says Christina, Brant, and Bill Nye are in jeopardy. The rest are safe. Then Brant is saved. It's between Christina and Bill Nye. And the star getting the boot – and immobilized knee – is the Science Guy.

It's a fitting farewell. He did have lower scores over the past few weeks and simply would not be able to keep up with the competition with that injury.

Bill tweeted, "Thanks for all your support @DancingABC. It was a great time with a great @TyneStecklein."

Former pro dancer Julianne Hough (Derek's sister) will fill in for Len next week. The competition continues Monday night at 7 p.m. on ABC15.

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