Dancing With The Stars: Which dance teams get switched?

PHOENIX - Some dance partnerships flourished on the dance floor during last week's 'DWTS' premiere, specifically Charlie White's contemporary dance with Shatna Burgess, as well as Amy Purdy's Cha-Cha with Derek Hough.

Other dances took us out of this world, but not necessarily in a good way. Yes, we're talking about you Billy Dee Williams. Loosen up and move those hips a little!

But, what happens when "The Switch" comes into play? Will the show's new twist to jostle the partnerships add a suspenseful element to the show, or end in an almost-guaranteed elimination?

Highlights: DWTS - Week 1

Charlie White/Sharna Burgess

White and Burgess danced gracefully across the ballroom floor. That shouldn't come as much of a surprise since White has been dancing--albeit on ice--for years.

Billy Dee Williams/Emma Slater

Billy Dee isn't a dancer, despite a lot of this year's cast having experience with dance or performing in general. So, I give him credit for stepping onto the stage in a new element. However, he needs to loosen up a bit and show us he's having fun. It's only been one week. Will he make it to week 2?

Candace Cameron Bure/Mark Ballas


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