DWTS recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' crowns king, queen of prom; last dance for Wynonna?

It's time to crown the king and queen of prom night on "Dancing with the Stars."

In fact, there's a his and hers throne waiting for the chosen ones. As host Tom Bergeron puts it, "Welcome to Game of Thrones: Ballroom Edition." With a setup like that, I'd better see some dragons.

Anyway, based on fan Twitter votes, our king and queen are Disney star Zendaya and NFL star Jacoby Jones. No big surprise there.

Zendaya grimly says, "Since I never will go to prom, this is pretty special." She's only 16 and scratching that off her list? Odd. Either way, this means they both get two bonus points, so they are obviously safe for the night.

Zendaya tweeted, "first #encoreZendaya then # promZendaya ...twitter u are really rockin' my world! I cast my vote for @dickc !! CEO of the decade!!!!"

We get our first performance with Huey Lewis & The News blowing the dust off "The Heart of Rock & Roll," while the troupe dances around. Zendaya and Jacoby applaud from their thrones. Are they going to stay on those things all night? Nope. The troupe grabs their hands and drags them to the dance floor, at which point Zendaya and Jacoby bust out some old school Run DMC moves. And this is spontaneous?

So, which one of them gets the encore? Neither! Forget the Twitter votes; it's back to the judges… and they let Bruno Tonioli pick – God help us – the "YMCA" with him in it! Turns out judge Carrie Ann Inaba's joke about Bachelor Sean Lowe and Peta's "YMCA" missing Bruno was a prophecy.

Yep, there's Bruno in a studded leather jacket with no undershirt, looking right at home. Sean and Peta still churn out a fun dance. Carrie Ann holds up her 10 paddle for shirtless Bruno. Must be losing her sight. Then she fans herself. Must be losing her mind.

Results! Country star Kellie Pickler is safe. (As she should be; her awesome "Footloose" jive should have gotten the encore). Comedian D.L. Hughley looks constipated waiting for his fate, but he's safe too.  In fact, D.L. is upset about the language the judges used to critique him on Monday. Len then says he thinks he was too easy on D.L. and should have been more critical. Ha!

D.L. tweeted, "So Angry and disgusted I thought about leaving DWTS tonight! But hell nah! Ima try and dance til it ain't no mo dancing to do! #TeamDl ."

Never underestimate the underdog factor. In fact, the nastier the judge insults, the more sympathy votes D.L. will get. Mark my words. Either that, or people love to watch train wrecks.

Next, all the male professionals dance. They do some sort of Sharks and Jets thing out of "West Side Story." Tom says their dance is based on a spray tan rumble. Anyway, the girls are next week, so my DVR is set!

More results! Sean is safe. Reality star Lisa Vanderpump is in jeopardy, as is actor Andy Dick.

The show then takes a moment to compare stats on men and women stars on the show. Men have gotten 47 perfect scores, women 53. Average score for men is 7.8, and 8.1 for women. But men have won the trophy eight times, where women won it seven times. Mark says that male stars tend to get higher scores for sloppier dances than female stars do for better ones. Hmm.

Time for the first Macy's Stars of Dance performance of the season, and it's pre-recorded. Has to be, because parts of it were filmed in reverse then edited together with normal footage.  It's quite a treat for the eyes.

Next performance with Demi Lovato singing "Heart Attack." She's very Goth looking. Is that even a thing anymore? Maybe this look is biker chic or something. Solid performance anyway.

Results again! Olympian Aly Raisman is safe, as is soap star Ingo Rademacher. Country singer Wynonna Judd is in jeopardy.

Aly tweeted, "Thank you all so much for the votes! So happy to be back again next week!! @MarkBallas & I have contemporary!! #DWTS @DancingABC ." Ingo tweeted, "

Time for the first real elimination (since Dorothy Hamill voluntarily bowed out due to injury last week). We learn Lisa is safe. Those shirtless pics of Gleb she tweeted must have helped.

It's down to Wynonna and Andy, who had the lowest viewer votes. But Wynonna had the least. She's going back to the farm.

Wynonna said she faced one of her biggest fears on the show. She had a lot of heart, but she did get the lowest overall score. In the final group hug, Zendaya puts the prom queen sash around Wynonna and Jacoby puts the king's crown on her. Aww.

Wynonna tweeted, "Tonight was really hard. I am so sorry I let @TonyDovolani down & to all my fans who voted, thank you."

The competition returns Monday night at 7 on ABC, where the stars must perform a dance that reveals a story from the best year of their lives.

More information can be found on ABC's website.

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