Blog: Only 1 Arizona bachelorette left on The Bachelor

Bachelor Ben Flajnik narrowed down his choice of women during Monday night's show leaving only one Arizona girl, Courtney, with the chance to win his heart.


Kacie B.'s date with Ben was a perfect first one-on-one date for the show and for Ben.  It seemed like two genuine, normal people in  Ben's hometown of Sonoma, CA. 

They did what real people might do on a first date. Well, most of it anyway. 

First the two took a stroll down one of Sonoma's quaint streets, they stopped into a hotel where Ben showed Kacie how he can play the piano. But can he really?  They didn't show him playing much! 

The two goofed off at a candy shop where she bought a baton and showed him how to twirl it,  which was one of her childhood talents. 

After that, Ben had a surprise. Ok, so some of the date had to be over the top and Bachelor-like. 

Ben took her to a beautiful theater that they had to themselves.  

There, a movie started playing showing Kacie's childhood photos and videos, followed by Ben's childhood photos and videos. 

It was a very sweet, emotional moment as they watched Ben with his dad, who passed away five years ago.  It was touching to see how emotional Kacie B. got seeing Ben watch his Dad on the screen. 

It was a tear jerker to watch. Did any of you cry, too? 

They seemed to connect right away and conversation flowed with ease the whole date. 

They had a nice dinner where they shared several kisses. The chemistry was palpable and I thought Ben was ready to end the season and pick Kacie B. as the one.

Of course, that is not how The Bachelor works.  We fans must accept that we have to be "tortured" every season by watching him fall for other bachelorettes that have the wrong intentions and are only there to win a competition or to get famous.  

It's torture, but we keep coming back for more because we love the drama and yelling at The Bachelor as we watch him make some stupid decisions. 


Case in point, giving Blakely the rose on the group date.  What was Ben thinking? He was enraptured by Blakely's confidence, and maybe her revealing outfit. 

When Ben brought up her wearing that outfit, she even talked about her body saying, "Here's to being blessed."  Oh, and did I mention that she was wearing this revealing outfit in front of a group of 5th and 7th grade kids during the group date where Ben and all of the girls performed in a fairy tale play written by the kids? 

Blakely later said she was the best weasel ever and couldn't stop bragging the whole day and night about herself, including things about her being a Scorpio which means she's a great lover.  

Ben was taken by her, especially when she got him alone and kissed him in the pool.  He liked her aggressive nature so much he gave her the rose that night, much to the other girls' dismay.

Poor Jennifer got a kiss from Ben on the group date and right after that she had to see Ben kissing Blakely. 


Blakely is over-confident and acts like this is a competition she's planning to win, but she's got some serious competition for the most competitive bachelorette: Courtney.

Courtney is the model who grew up in Arizona. She and Ben had a one-on-one date.

You can already tell Ben is smitten by her beautiful looks and what seems to be a complete 180 from how she acts when Ben isn't around. 

Ben picked up Courtney with his cute little dog, Scotch. They drove and were just hanging out with the Redwood trees having sweet, getting to know you time. 

Ben talked about how he went to University of Arizona.  Did anyone catch his dog's U of A collar?! 

Courtney shared how she never gets asked out on dates. Maybe she said this while wanting Ben to say it's probably because guys are too intimidated by her gorgeous looks. 

She talked about how she's dated an actor. Rumor has it that she dated Jesse Metcalfe from the early seasons of Desperate Housewives.

Courtney also talked about dating a photographer, too, but that she found underwear in the bed and has trust issues. 

She said all of this while twirling and playing with her hair every second. This girl is trying so hard to make Ben fall for her and he is falling for her alright, falling for the act of what she's pretending to be. 

She is so good that the viewer almost wants to believe everything she's saying, too, that maybe she is really nice and sweet. 

Then, after she gets the rose all she talked about was how all the other girls should watch out. 

Courtney is mean to the other bachelorettes and, although she took a back seat during the rose ceremony with all of the drama, she is sure to jump back into it with them next week.


There was a lot of crying for only the second episode.  Blakely eventually got upset after hearing all of the girls talk about her behind her back. 

What did she expect?  Blakely already had a rose, but kept stealing Ben from all of the other girls during the cocktail party who didn't have a rose yet.

Of course they're going talk

about you when you're so inconsiderate to them. 

Jenna, the NYC blogger, was still a blubbering mess and couldn't seem to keep it together to have one normal conversation with Ben. 

He found her crying in a bed right after he had just comforted a crying Blakely hiding in a room on the floor behind luggage.  He's gotta wonder about these girls. 

At least he did get rid of Jenna.  She made everything awkward. At one point she said to Ben that she's "like a guy and not like a girl".

She couldn't get her words out and it came out all wrong.  Needless to say, Ben got it right when he didn't give her a rose Monday night. 

I don't think he got it right by getting rid of Shawn, our other Arizona girl.  I wish I had more input on why he got rid of her but I don't recall hearing her speak one line on the episode. 

Shawn seemed like one of the smart and intelligent girls, but nothing made her stand out.

Which girls do you think will get kicked off next week?  My guesses would be Nicki, Erica and Jamie although I'd really want it to be Blakely, Courtney and Monica.  What do you think?

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