Blog: Arizona girl stays strong as Bachelor field narrows

Courtney may not be the ladies' favorite, but that may have started working in the model's favor on the latest outing of ABC's "The Bachelor".

The Valley native is still being portrayed as this season's villain, and despite group fly-fishing dates and adventures in a creepy cave, her goal of snaring Ben seemed to be the main focus of the episode -- and possibly the rest of the season .

Amid the Courtney drama, we were introduced to some ladies who have had little screen time so far this season, but got a chance to shine when Ben took the group to Park City, Utah.

Communication-challenged Rachel and shy redhead Jennifer scored one-on-one time with the winemaker while eight other women shared Ben on a group date in the great outdoors.

Rachel kicked things off with a slow-moving one-on-one date that looked a little painful for both her and Ben, until she admitted she has trouble communicating in relationships. After opening up, Ben decided he'd reward her with a rose.

Between horseback riding and fly-fishing, some of the ladies in the group date looked like they were ready for a more lavish "Bachelor" experience, which they got when they returned to their Utah lodgings.

Ben made the rounds as the ladies downed champagne and chit chatted about the day and their feelings about the competition.

Kacie B. and Courtney (who finagled a rose out of the group date) got special attention, while blonde bachelorette Samantha cornered Ben about his tendency to only bring her on group dates.

Immediately taken aback by the confrontation, Ben decided he'd had enough and told Samantha he didn't see any kind of future with her. Goodbye Samantha!

Later on a more personal date with Jennifer, we got to see the quiet contestant's adventurous side as she and Ben went swimming inside a dark cave, ate dinner in the rain and later danced at a Clay Walker concert. And we're down another rose.

At the cocktail party, Emily made the mistake of tattling on Courtney to Ben, effectively securing her place as the last rose recipient -- and likely Courtney's now-arch nemesis.

In the end it was Monica who was sent home as the others looked on.

How will the remaining contestants fare next week? Will Courtney continue to get under their skin? Are you rooting for or against the brunette model? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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