BLOG: 2 Arizona girls get a rose from the Bachelor

Out of the 25 women Ben Flajnik had to choose from on the season premiere of The Bachelor, there were three women with Arizona connections . Two of the three got roses and will be back on Monday.

Ben did not pick the quirky Lyndsie J. of Scottsdale (born in London).

He did, however, pick Shawn, the financial advisor from Phoenix. Shawn seems to be one of the nice, intelligent girls. She made an impression by giving Ben a "slug in the arm" before she walked away from him.

She has a son, which is always sure to bring a lot of buildup when the bachelorette confesses this information to the bachelor. Based on the history that there has only been one woman to have "won" the final rose from the bachelor when they've had children from a previous relationship (Emily, from the last season of The Bachelor), it might be tough for her to be the last girl standing.

Ben was very taken with the beautiful model, Courtney, who looks like a brunette Jessica Simpson. She grew up in Arizona and now lives in Santa Monica, Calif.

Courtney definitely does not lack confidence and is already the winner in her mind. Before she even met Ben, she said she wants a 2-karat ring and that she "deserves it and is worth it." After she met the other girls, Courtney said "I'm better than them." She couldn't stop playing with Ben's hair and twirling her own as a nervous habit, or was that her way of being extra sexy in front of Ben? That and biting her lip every time she was on camera!

From the looks of the preview of the rest of the season and how taken Ben reacted to her tonight, Courtney will go far, maybe even one of the top two or three girls. We can tell from the season preview, that she gets far enough to go skinny dipping with Ben in the ocean and this greatly upsets the girls. Can you blame them? Gotta love the jealousy that ensues when you have a group of women vying for one man's heart.

There were quite a few Bachelor firsts on Monday's season premiere.

The girls really outdid themselves on making an entrance. One girl, Brittney, came out of the limo after being announced by her sweet grandmother, who's a big fan of Ben's. Brittney is a medical sales rep from Denver. She seems as sweet as her grandmother, but it was hard to see too much personality from her just yet.

Lindzi C. of Washington trotted in on her horse, and it was no surprise that she got the "first impression rose". She and Ben seemed to have a genuine connection.

One of the other strangest entrances was from Anna, a student from Detroit who barely looked at Ben when she got out of the limo. She looked like she had practiced a model walk and a quiet whisper of "Hi", then completely ignored Ben and walked into the mansion. Ben took it in stride and said, "That's got to be a Bachelor first!" Needless to say, ignoring The Bachelor doesn't work in your favor; she was one of the seven girls who didn't get a rose.

The premiere was not without lots of crying -- already!

Jenna, a blogger from New York City, was a mess from the time she stepped out of the limo. She seemed to have too much to drink at the cocktail party, which didn't help. A tough-girl dental consultant, Monica from Utah, insulted Jenna, then out of nowhere Jenna was a blubbering fool crying in the bathroom and even showed up late to the rose ceremony.  Unfortunately for Ben and for the rest of the girls, he gave her the final rose of the evening.

Fortunately for us, we will get to see her for at least another episode and the drama that will ensue between her and Monica. Yes, Monica made it along with her crush -- not Ben, but Blakely, one of the other bachelorettes!

That's another first for the show. Monica was all over Blakely and even said, "You are beautiful. You are amazing. You know I need to get your number."

Wow, this is going to be another Bachelor season to remember.

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So, which bachelorettes are you rooting for so far? Do you think the Arizona girls will put up a good fight for Ben's heart? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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