Beverly Hills cops to Justin Bieber: Tone down the parties, respect neighbors

Beverly Hills police want Justin Bieber to "take the bull by the horns" and tone down his house parties.

Neighbors called police several times over the weekend to complain about the noise coming from the young singer's condo, a police spokesman said Tuesday.

Bieber hasn't been charged with disturbing the peace because officers did not witness excessive noise, but residents could make a citizen's arrest, Sgt. Max Subin said.

"If they want to pursue that and we feel it's proper to accept it, it would be evaluated," he said.

Bieber moved into a Beverly Hills condo this summer after selling the Calabasas, California, mansion where he notoriously clashed with neighbors.

Bieber is on two years' probation for a vandalism conviction this month related to his admitted egging of his neighbor's home in January.

"We ask for Mr. Bieber to be respectful of his neighbors and to the community of Beverly Hills and take the bull by the horns and actually turn down the music and limit the size of his parties in consideration for the sleeping child and elderly residents," Subin said.

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