Best Halloween movies: Staying in? Check out top 12 spooky flicks

If you are staying in this Halloween holiday, ABC15 has a treat for you. We have a list of movies to keep you entertained All Hallows' Eve.

For those of you looking for a thrill, here are a few scary movies to get your blood pumping.

Everyone recognizes the mask from Scream ; that alone will chill your blood.

A newer horror series Paranormal Activity , has demons and ghosts to give you a fright. Friday the 13th and Psycho are a couple classics also sure to also give you a scare.

If you are more interested in funny movies that still capture the essence of Halloween, here are a couple family friendly flicks.

Make sure you do not say his name more than three times, Beetlejuice is always a good pick.

Another goofy Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus , starring the three witch sisters trying to stay young in Salem, when two kids get in the way.

Other family favorites include The Addams Family , The Nightmare Before Christmas and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown .

E! News Chief Correspondent Ken Baker lists his favorite Halloween movies of all time as Halloween , Child's Play and Ghostbusters .

Baker also gave us a list of three marquee things every Halloween movie needs.

First, they must have thrills and chills, a fun signature prop or weapon, like the slime in "Ghostbusters" or the big butcher knife in... well, lots of movies, and finally it has to take place around Halloween-time.

Screams and moans and funny bones those are your Halloween movies, enjoy!

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