Amy's Baking Company in talks for own reality show

Will Amy's Baking Company make money off of this whole saga?

According to Radar Online , owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo are in talks to have their own reality show.

A source told Radar, "Right now Cineflix is the most serious production company trying to secure Amy and Samy. They want to develop a show around their restaurant and their bad behavior."

According to the source, the Bouzaglos are interested in a reality TV show because it could be the only way to keep the doors open at their restaurant.

If the couple does decide to allow cameras into their restaurant again, they are going to wait for the best offer.

"Right now their agent is just looking out for them to make sure they get the best deal, so they want to wait on signing with Cineflix to make sure they've seen all the deals on the table," Radar's source told them.

The Scottsdale restaurant's owners lashed out on social media after they appeared on Gordon Ramsay's show Kitchen Nightmares and were seen swearing at customers, each other and employees.

The Bouzaglo's took to their Facebook page to defend their restaurant, but their defense has devolved into numerous expletive-filled statuses on their Facebook page, which only fed the fire when the posts spread online.

Each of the restaurant's posts had received thousands of comments. Some have claimed that the restaurant used photos of products not created by the bakery.

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