Can the Cheesecake Factory really be low in calories?

The Cheesecake Factory says it's offering a new line of low-calorie meals.

The new menu called "SkinnyLicious" has 50 items that will be featured in a separate menu. It will include appetizers, main entrees and specialty drinks.

"We wanted to create a menu that delivers an exceptional dining experience to our calorie-conscious guests, without compromising the delicious taste that people have come to expect from The Cheesecake Factory," said David Overton, founder of the Cheesecake Factory.

The small plates and appetizers and fresh-baked flatbreads categories feature dishes all under 490 calories, while the entrée salads and main courses are all served with 590 calories or less. Also featured are five Skinny Cocktails each with 150 calories or less.

The SkinnyLicious menu in not out yet; it will be in restaurants starting Aug. 9.

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