Cleveland Web Producer passes on tweets intended for 'The Bachelor' contestant Nikki Ferrell

CLEVELAND - UPDATE: The other Nikki Ferrell spotted my story! She graciously tweeted it out for me - ad I'm sure her fans will be happy their messages finally reached her! Read her message below:


NOTE: At the time of this posting, I said that there was no Twitter account for Nikki Ferrell. However, though there's no verified account, a reader has pointed out @Nikki_Ferrell, who does appear to be the woman from 'The Bachelor.' I'm sending her these messages and will report back if she responds.


What happens when you share a name with a winning contestant on 'The Bachelor'? 

You become much more popular on Twitter, for one. I've been watching my Klout score go up since Jan. 5, when a helpful fan alerted me that a fan site had listed my handle as belonging to a hopeful Juan Pablo bride-to-be. (I got that fixed.)

You also, apparently, get accused of NOT eating barbeque (lies) and told that you are too good for the man you've spent weeks competing with other women to win a proposal from.

And some encouragement. I must say, I took the advice of the Tweep (who quickly realized her mistake and deleted her message) to heart: I WILL follow my heart, 'The Bachelor' fan. Thank you.

But now, I think it's time to pass the messages on. And the OTHER Nikki Ferrell (because I was on Twitter first, so nyah) has no handle for me to Tweet them to.

Nikki Ferrell, if you find this story, here are the messages your fans want you to see.

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