Zac Efron naked in trailer? Preview for upcoming movie raising eyebrows

Nudity is definitely one way to promote a movie -- and Zac Efron is game.

The former "High School Musical" star, 25, strips down to nothing at all in the new red-band trailer for his upcoming movie, "That Awkward Moment." (Is the actor's revealing moment in the trailer awkward? Depends on your opinion of a naked Zac Efron.)

The concept behind the comedy is that three bros, played by Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, are committed to living the single life in their "den of testosterone" with lots of alcohol and a Viagra pill or three.

But, as it only happens in romantic comedies, things get complicated when love interests and accompanying lovey-dovey feelings begin to surface.

The red-band, 17+-only, NSFW trailer (was that enough warning for you?) shows that this comedy will definitely have an R-rated flair and could be potentially funny -- that is, if "c***-tail" jokes are your thing.

If you are over-17 and are comfortable with your co-workers seeing you watch Efron in the nude, check out the trailer here.


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