Which Bond girl stands out for Daniel Craig?

It's hard to choose a favorite "Bond girl" in the 50-year James Bond franchise, but there's one who holds a particularly special place in Daniel Craig's heart.

The current James Bond, who'll next be seen in November's "Skyfall," told CNN that he thinks "Diana Rigg is kind of my favorite."

"She's just great," Craig went on. "I mean there have been many, but she stands out for me."

But that's certainly not to discount the work of "Skyfall's" Bérénice Marlohe, or any members of the movie's cast, Craig continued.

"The cast is just stupendous, and we had some of the best people around ... We always said this, [director] Sam [Mendes] and I, we can always just pull the best people in the film. And it doesn't always work - sometimes you gather the best people and the movie can be a mess, but Sam really guided this really well and got the best out of people. I'm just really proud of it."

Craig's reportedly on board for two more Bond movies after "Skyfall," and it sounds like he's looking forward to them. As he told CNN, "I haven't tired of (playing Bond) yet, (and) I don't plan to be."

"I think if I'm getting bored with it, I've got to walk away," he continued. "But I think there are plenty of places to go. I think the first two movies I did, we told that story, and this is a new story (and) it stands alone now. We can do what the hell we want now, you know, we can kind of take it back to those old Bond movies. ... Why not?"

Craig's "Skyfall" opens November 9.

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