Valley-based US Airways in hot water after accusations it put passengers at risk

PHOENIX - Valley-based US Airways is in hot water after being accused of putting passengers at risk in the skies.

Federal officials said the airline discovered a leaky fuel pump in a Boeing 757 in the fall of 2010, replaced it, but never tested it afterward.

They allege the jet flew 916 times between August and December 2010 after failing to perform two required tests and an inspection.

Now the Federal Aviation Administration could slap the company with a $354,500 fine.

US Airways officials deny the allegations, saying they didn't break any rules.

The airline has 30 days to respond to the FAA.

We spoke with a US Airways passenger Thursday morning who said either way, it's not acceptable.

She worries for her safety, but said she won't stop flying with the company.

However, two other travelers said it will make them think twice about booking a flight with US Airways in the future.

Some suggested the FAA and all airlines need to do a better job enforcing the rules so this does not continue to happen.

The news comes in the wake of a very lucrative quarter for the company.

US Airways just announced its second highest third quarter profits in history.

Last year it reported a net profit of $76 million and this year that number jumped to $245 million.

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