Tyler Perry sued by author Terri Donald: Is 'Good Deeds' a copy of 'Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit'?

Popular filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry is being sued over the plot of his film "Good Deeds."

According to a report from Examiner.com, author Terri Donald is suing Perry and Lions Gate Entertainment for using the plot of her 2007 book, "Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit."

Good Deeds earned a total of $32,000,000, Examiner.com reports, and Donald is looking for money.

According to the suit, Donald claims she sent a copy of her book to Perry before the production of "Good Deeds."

Donald is asking for $225,000 in initial damages along with her name added to the film's credits, according to Examiner.com.

Read the full report on examiner.com.

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