Kate Middleton pregnant? Reports claim Prince William, wife expecting royal baby

LONDON - Various media outlets are claiming Wednesday that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant, though no formal statement from the Royal family has been made to confirm or disprove the reports.

Christian Post Europe reported that Prince William and the former Kate Middleton have been trying to conceive, hoping to share some good news before the end of the year.

They also say the couple has been talking baby names, adding that if they have a girl, her middle names will memorialize Prince William's mother and grandmother.

Reports say an official statement is supposed to come out in the near future, but one source says that Kate is already pregnant, but keeping news quiet until she reaches a later stage in her pregnancy.

If the news is true, reports claim she may have gotten pregnant during a romantic getaway following the London Olympics.

Enstarz.com is also reporting the news, even saying that an insider told Star Magazine and other entertainment news sites that "Kate is convinced it's happened."

Either way, the royal couple has said that they have been wanting kids, but only time will tell exactly when we should be expecting to see Middleton as a mother.

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